About Us
PT Isotekindo Intertama (doing business as Isotek) is a company specializing in distribution of clinical laboratory – human diagnostic products and medical equipments based in Jakarta, Indonesia. We have been serving both private and government health institutions all over Indonesia for more than 20 years. The key success of our company is to always put service excellence in front; and this applies to our customers, principals and our working colleagues. We are committed to deliver quality and safe products to our customers while providing efficient and excellent customer experience.
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Low Case Letter
Lower case letter in our logo signifies Isotek as a flexible and humble company.
Upwards Arrow
The upwards arrow symbolizes our spirit to always innovate and always pushing for higher standards of excellence in what we do.
Two Hands
The arrow can also be seen as two hands joining together. This means that we are in the “care” business, and we are here to serve your medical and clinical needs.
Dark Blue
Dark blue colour choice represents that Isotek is a stable, committed and trusted company.
Teal colour choice represents spirit of innovation and the industry that we specialize in (Medical and Hygiene).
Advancing Healthcare
Focus in health care and medical
Spirit of innovation and technology
Always pushing forward
Two Different Colour
The two different colour also means that we are a company that embraces diversity and always serving our customers with service excellence in mind.
“Advancing Healthcare” is our motto and this aligns with the company’s vision, which is to contribute to the advancement of medical and human health in Indonesia by delivering quality and safe products to our customer.
Our vision is a testament of our passion and what drives us to do what we do today. Through this vision, we hope to improve the standards of health and healthcare in Indonesia.
In order to succeed our vision we need to define our mission; that is to serve the needs of human diagnostic, clinical laboratory and medical products in Indonesia through efficient logistics and excellent customer experience. We achieve this mission by educating and bringing awareness of the latest technology in health industry to all stakeholders.
Isotek is always actively looking for new business partners that can complement and widen our product portfolio. We have successful partnerships with global business partners from Asia, USA, Europe, Australia and other countries.
Our customers range from private institutions, private health providers, and government medical facilities ranging from Hospitals, to Puskesmas. We also work with a network of sub-distributors to ensure better service coverage to our end users.
Human resources are an integral part of any business. In the age of technology we still believe human interaction is an important part that cannot be taken out from building a good and successful relationship with our customers.
Isotek is always looking for committed individuals with integrity who can bring positive values to the company. Click the link below to see for opportunity to join our family and share our vision to grow the business together professionally.