Infectious Disease State

No need for enzyme or alkaline products to ensure sparkling instruments. UMONIUM38® STERILY are used for cleaning/pre-infection of invasive medical devices, cleaning instruments in depth by manual brushing or using ultrasonic bath. Quickly kill microorganisms (bactericidal, virusidal, fungisidal, micobactericidal, etc.), make the instrument sparkling, safe for operators, liquid is not dangerous if there is leak, not corrosive, and does not contain toxic vapors. This disinfectant material can be decomposed in biological, can be removed directly into the sink after use and wastewater not polluting. There are 2 packaging variants: 1 L and 5 L. It is recommended for the instrument transport process to the CSSD room and also in the dental clinic for spittoon cleaning, amalgam separator, suction system, and others. PT Isotekindo Intertama is the official distributor of UMONIUM38® INSTRUMENTS and registered with the Ministry of Health Republic of Indonesia.