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Chairman of the Indonesian Lung Doctors Association, DR. Dr. Agus Dwi Susanto, Sp.P (K), FAPSR, FISR explained that air pollution which is continuously inhaled at any time can cause damage to the function of human organs.

"Air pollution both indoors and outdoors is directly related to lung cells when inhaling. From lung cells, pollution particles can attack other organs in the body through blood circulation," said Agus when describing the relationship between ambient air pollution and health in a Collaboration Seminar. Cross-cutting: Towards Clean Air 2030, in Jakarta. Especially at this time, there are many mild to severe diseases related to air quality, namely ARI, tuberculosis, pneumonia, Covid-19, and even cancer.

Another fact from statistics is that the average person today, especially those who live in urban areas, spends approximately 90% of their activity time in closed spaces, namely working, studying, resting, discussing, watching, and so on. Therefore, it is necessary to think about how to create healthy air so that we are avoided by these dangerous diseases.

In a discussion that focuses on indoor air quality in closed rooms, ideally, it can be linked to the requirements for good air quality referring to the reference to the Regulation of the Minister of Health (Permenkes) of the Republic of Indonesia Number 7 of 2019 concerning Hospital Environmental Health and Regulation of the Minister of Manpower No.5 of 2018 (supervision of K3 norms of the work environment towards a safe, healthy and comfortable workplace).

However, practically speaking, we can create good quality, safe air in closed spaces. Simple things, for example, ensure the circulation and air system in the room according to recommended standards, keeping objects in the room clean of dust & harmful odorous substances. In addition, you can also use an indoor air disinfection device so that the air remains safe for anyone in the room.

Many old and new generation technology tools are used in the room, but the question is how effective and how safe? Currently, WHO recommends the use of Ulta Violet Germicidal Irradiation (UVGI) technology with a specific wavelength that does not produce ozone, such as OXIRA type XG which can be used by the general public in a closed space. This type of equipment is proven to be effective in reducing the infectious power of microorganisms by up to 85% or more. Proven effective because this OXIRA type XG has a type of UVGI lamp that can last a long time when used and is stable to emit 254-nanometer waves for more than 10,000 hours or 416 hours equivalent to 14 months non-stop which can damage the DNA/RNA of viruses, bacteria, and infectious fungi circulate in closed-space air.

The safety of using OXIRA type XG is also claimed to be in accordance with the recommendations of Health and Research Institutions because the UV rays are not left open to the human eye and at the same time do not produce ozone which is feared to be harmful to long-term human health.

PT Isotekindo Intertama is an official importer and sole distributor of the OXIRA brand in collaboration with a manufacturing company from Australia.

Currently, OXIRA has been used by more than 40 countries around the world with CE and FCC certificates. Several test tool effectiveness tests have been tested in several countries such as Australia, India, Brazil, and also in Indonesia. The results of the OXIRA type XG test in Indonesia were carried out at the Persahabatan Hospital, East Jakarta, which is a provincial referral hospital for cases of respiratory diseases, for example, tuberculosis and Covid-19.

The OXIRA type XG test was carried out in one of the 3x3x3 meter hospital examination rooms with split AC air conditioning. The independent evaluator is Dr. Budi SpMK, a Microbiologist. He conducted air sampling using the swab method and culturing before and after the installation of the OXIRA type XG device with a 24-hour interval. The results showed that before the installation of the lamp, the number of microorganism colonies in the poly lung chamber was 630 CFU (Colony Form Unit) to 110 CFU. This means that with the use of OXIRA type XG which is used together with doctors and patients for 24 hours, the number of colonies is reduced by 83%.

Electrical energy consumption is almost insignificant to burden the user because the wattage is very small, and also the maintenance costs of OXIRA tools are very practical and durable. The sound generated during the use of OXIRA is relatively quiet so it doesn't interfere with the comfort in a closed room. Another important thing is that the guarantee of the OXIRA tool from the official importer PT Isotekindo Intertama will guarantee the use of the tool more convincing to the user.

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